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How to Prepare Your Palm Springs area Home for an Electric Vehicle Charger

Before you hop on the money-saving train by buying an EV, follow these tips to get your home ready:

Miller Electric Electric Vehicle Home Charger
Electric Vehicle Home Charger

The reason for the shift toward electric vehicles (or EVs) may not come as a big shock for commuters and frequent drivers who are accustomed to cars that run on gas.

After all, gasoline-powered cars bring with them certain perils that can’t be ignored such as:

  • Climbing gas prices

  • Offensive exhaust fumes

  • Extensive car maintenance

Electric vehicles offer a new alternative. Instead of being fueled by gasoline, EVs are charged via an electric Vehicle Charger that can be located in a place of business, or more conveniently, at home.

Tip #1 - Know your electrical panel:

Some older electrical panels will need an upgrade to support your EV charger. A licensed electrician can assess the need for a new panel and provide an upgrade if needed.

Tip #2 - Hire an electrician to install a separate circuit for your electric vehicle charger:

You will need to have a dedicated circuit installed for your EV charger in order to avoid the risk of a fire.

Tip #3 - Research types of EV chargers:

There are levels to charging your electric vehicle … literally. EV chargers come in Level 1 and Level 2. The type you choose depends largely on how often and how far you drive.

Tip #4 - Clean out your garage:

The last thing you need is for your new vehicle to be surrounded by clutter and chaos. The phrase, “Out with the old, and in with the new,” truly applies here!

Call Miller Electric for EV Charger Installation and More

Take charge of your and your family’s safety. Contact Miller Electric for your residential or commercial EV charger installation or other electrical upgrade today.


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